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Cuisipro Handheld Mandoline SGT
    Cuisipro Handheld Mandoline SGT Cuisipro Handheld Mandoline SGT Cuisipro Handheld Mandoline SGT Cuisipro Handheld Mandoline SGT

Cuisipro Handheld Mandoline SGT

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Brand: Cuisipro
Product Code: Cuisipro Handheld Mandoline SGT
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The Cuisipro Handheld Mandoline comes standard with 4 of the most popular cutting features:

  • Straight cut - ideal for slicing tomatoes
  • Julienne/fry cut - ideal for making potato or sweet potato chips
  • Crinkle/waffle cut - ideal for slicing zucchini 
  • Coarse grater - ideal for parmesan cheese
The handheld mandoline slicer has all the features of a full-sized mandoline, just in a convenient compact body. The mandoline comes with 3 interchangeable blades with the ability to adjust thickness and a hand guard.

In addition to this the mandoline features a notch so that it can be attached to a bowl making it non-slip. The SGT platform means the food glides effortlessly when in use. The handle has also been designed to ensure it is soft and is non-slip for added protection. 
  • Includes three interchangeable blades for slicing, crinkle cutting, waffle cutting, fry cutting, julienne and grating
  • Food glides effortlessly on the grooved SGT platform
  • Adjustable thickness setting
  • Mandoline body and hand guard are dishwasher safe, blades are hand rinse recommended
  • Soft coated handles are easy to grip and non-slip
  • Mandoline is dishwasher safe. Blades are hand rinse suggested
  • Includes hand guard
  • Non-slip feet and bowl notch adds stability when in use
Instruction booklet is included and the mandoline comes with a 25 year warranty. 

Cuisipro is a Canadian company that creates fine quality and well designed kitchenware and tools. They are particularly well known for the Cuisipro Rasp Graters which use Accutec blades to produce superb results.

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