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Wusthof Sharpening Steel - 4474 / 26 cm (10")

Wusthof Sharpening Steel - 4474 / 26 cm (10")

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Brand: Wusthof
Product Code: Sharpening Steel - 26 cm (10")
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  • Keeping knives sharp is easy if you sharpen them often on a WÜSTHOF sharpening steel.
    Honing and sharpening

    A guideline about how to keep your WÜSTHOF-knives sharp

    When it comes to maintaining your knives you have to differentiate between honing and sharpening. Here we can explain the difference.


    With regular use, any knife will lose its "bite". Every edge has many very fine "teeth" which are bent to both sides of the blade after a certain time of cutting on a hard surface (you can´t see that with your eyes- only under a microscope). Using a WÜSTHOF sharpening steel will realign these teeth and keep the edge sharp for a long time of cooking enjoyment.

    The fine surface will bring out an even finer edge than the regular steel but it does need to be used more often as well.This illustration shows you how to use the honing steel:

  • Hold the steel with your left and the knife with your right hand (lefties simply do the opposite) and guide the blade with light pressure across the steel. Do this in an arching motion, side-to-side, at a 20o angle between blade and steel. Repeat this process 6 - 8 times. Never stroke each side more than once in succession.

    The “Tip Down“ method shown here works best as it lets you always see the contact point of the knife and the steel.With a little practice, you will find this becomes an easy motion. Now your knife should be as sharp as the first time you used it. Please use a steel which is, at the minimum, the length of the blade you hone.

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