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Eddingtons Practical Yolker
    Eddingtons Practical Yolker Eddingtons Practical Yolker

Eddingtons Practical Yolker

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Whether it is for meringue, mayonnaise, choux pastry, custard, or a host of other tasty dishes, needing just egg white or yolk, separating the egg has always been a troublesome and often messy affair. But no longer!

The Practical Yolker is simply brilliant, it is the fastest and cleanest way to separate your eggs. No more one by one passing yolks between shells, or running through your fingers. Just crack all the eggs in to one bowl then suck all the yolks out.

The Practical Yolker has a clear plastic body and flexible silicone bulb. To use it, squeeze the bulb, aim the base at the yolk, and let the bulb expand again. The yolk will be sucked up inside, wait a moment while any excess white drips back out, then when ready, squeeze again to push the yolk out again.

  • Easy to use egg seperator
  • Simple pipette action
  • Leaves the egg white behind
  • Easy to clean. Comes apart for cleaning, dishwasher safe (top rack).


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