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Gefu Flexible Chopping Mats
    Gefu Flexible Chopping Mats Gefu Flexible Chopping Mats

Gefu Flexible Chopping Mats

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Brand: Gefu
Product Code: Gefu Flexible Chopping Mats
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Colour-coded chopping boards aren't a new idea. They're great for keeping thing hygienic in the kitchen. Keeping meat, poultry, veggies, and cooked food separate is known to keep bacterial contamination down, and in busy kitchen, colour-coded and marked boards help to keep things in order, quickly and easily.

Even better, the Cutting Mats from Gefu are flexible, so you can slice, cup, and pour without losing a single slice of carrot to the floor. And in sleek shades of grey, these boards will suit even the most minimalist of kitchens.

  • Individual chopping mats; black for meat, dark grey for vegetables, light grey for poultry and white for fish.
  • Help make kitchen work more hygienic! Nonskid for extra safety when cutting food.
  • Each mat is marked with a different symbol for easy recognition.
  • Flexible material for easy transportation of chopped food and gentle to knives, helping them stay sharp.
  • Can be cleaned simply in the dishwasher.
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