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Nogent Paring Knives

Created Date: 2014-05-22

New everyday paring knife.......

New to Peppercorn. A new type of everyday paring knife from Nogent in France.

You maybe thinking…..this just looks like a normal basic paring knife with a splash of colour? What’s great about the Nogent Expert Knives is they never need sharpening! The reason for that is the unique Affidente micro-serrated blade, a technology exclusive to NOGENT.

With 4 tiny teeth per 1mm (100 teeth per inch) the micro-serrations are so small you can hardly even tell the blade is serrated. As a result it produces precision slicing without drag or tearing, unlike regular serrated blades.

The 3.5″ micro-serrated blade is made from tempered molybdenum stainless steel, making it extremely tough, will not dull, and best of all will never need sharpening. Available here.



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