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Scanpan IQ 32cm Wok With Rack And Sticks
    Scanpan IQ 32cm Wok With Rack And Sticks Scanpan IQ 32cm Wok With Rack And Sticks

Scanpan IQ 32cm Wok With Rack And Sticks

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Brand: Scanpan
Product Code: IQ Wok 32cm
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Scanpan IQ 32cm Wok With Rack And Sticks

Durable titanium non stick with fully integrated induction plate .

Scanpan IQ pans feature their own patented, extra durable and extra slippy "Green Tek" ceramic titanium non stick coating.
They are also fitted with an integrated induction plate, making them suitable for induction hobs, as well as all other hobs.
Their Eco Friendly manufacturing process includes the use of recycled alloys, and is completely free from PFOA's.

Scanpan IQ Wok - Size: 32cm diameter

  • A new range of non stick pans with a "hi-tech" integrated induction plate.
  • Scapan IQ pans are suitable for use on induction hobs - and all other hobs.
  • Their patented "Green Tek" ceramic titanium non stick coating will never peel or blister.
  • It is also a very durable finish and metal implements may be used with care.
  • Scanpan IQ pans are very slippy in use and very easy to clean.
  • The extra thick machined base on these pans will never warp or buckle.
  • Scanpan IQ lids are fitted with a silicone ring and a steam vent.
  • The silicone ring provides a tight seal and is silent in use.
  • Scanpan pans feature a patented locking system on the handles - they will never come loose.
  • Eco Friendly design - IQ pans are completely PFOA and PFOS free.
  • Eco friendly design - all pan bodies are made from 100% recycled alloy.
  • All pans are ovenproof up to 260 degrees C (500F)
  • Scanpan IQ pans - professionally designed and manufacturered in Denmark.
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