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Emma Bridgewater Jersey Cow Half Pint Mug

Emma Bridgewater Jersey Cow Half Pint Mug

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Brand: Emma Bridgewater
Product Code: Jersey Cow
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Emma Bridgewater Jersey Cow Half Pint Mug



This Jersey Cow Half Pint Mug is a colourful and complementary piece to the Year in the Country collection by Emma Bridgewater. It is made in the classic ‘tankard-style’ shape inspired by the mugs made in the 19th century Staffordshire potteries.

A fawn flock of traditional Jersey cows line the walls of this mug, with strong postures and eager faces looking wonderful when mixed with the austere cream backdrop and grass lining upon which they stand grazing. The interior rim of this delicate mug contains the repeated word ‘JERSEY’ in a light green font, found throughout Mathew Rice’s designs, adding a subtle finishing touch to the mug.

Evoke memories of walking through dew tipped fields full of newly born grazing cattle during early spring, with this stunning and quaint addition to the Year in the Country collection from Emma Bridgwater, the perfect gift to share your love to a mother, grandmother or a special friend.

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